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Lackskikts mätare


En professionell lackskikts mätare som alla seriösa rekondare bör ha i sin verktygslåda.

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-Large and clear TFT Screen(160x128TFT)
-Auto recognition of the substrate material (Fe or NFe)
-Metric/imperial switchable (mil/um switchable)
-Single / Continue measurement selectable
-Flip display
-99 data  memory 
-Simultaneously displays 5 readings: (easy for data analysis and comparison) Measuring Reading , Average Reading , Max. Reading , Min. Reading and Standard Deviation.
Range: 0 - 1250um; 0 - 50mil (Max. add to 2000um/80mil)
Resolution: 1um, 0.1mils 
Accuracy: ± (3%+2um), ± (3%+0.1mils)
Response time: 0.6 sec
Sensor type: Fe & NFe 2 in 1 
Large and Clear TFT Screen(160x128TFT)  + Flip Display,Easy Reading  at any condition and angle
Battery: 1.5Vx2 AAA size
Dimension: 119x52x28mm
Packing: carrying case, substrate blocks (steel x 1pc, Aluminumx1pc),Calibration foils x 1set, English manual