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Rim Cleaner 300ml


HERRENFAHRT Rim Cleaner 300ml

HERRENFAHRT Tyre Dressing 200ml

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Rim Cleaner 300ml 

  • Acid-free
  • Intelligent colour changing agent
  • For aluminum, polished, painted and chrome wheels

HERRENFAHRT Rim Cleaner is designed to safely remove brake dust and grime from wheels without heavy scrubbing or harsh chemicals. A potent gel formula paired with an intelligent colour changing agent makes rim cleaning easy, economical and safe. Suitable for aluminum, clear coat, polished, painted, and chrome wheels. Ist non-acidic formula guarantees a gentle removal of brake dust and grime without affecting the delicate surface.

Shake well before use. Spray a generous amount onto wheel and let the intelligent chemistry do the magic. After 10 minutes, cleaner will change to a deep purple shade to indicate when the perfect exposure time has been reached. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a Drying Towel to prevent water stains. In case of persistent dirt we recommend the use of Clay Bar and Cleansing Extract.

Attention: Never use on a hot surface.