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Nyhet Washing Concentrate 250ml Visa större

HERRENFAHRT Shampoo 250ml + Wash Sponge


Gentle car shampoo that doesn't affect wax or other paintwork protection

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  • Contains 250 ml
  • Number of applications possible: 10 times (add 25ml to10l water)
  • Ready-­to-­use car wash concentrate
  • Moisturising effect
  • Gentle on the paintwork
  • NTA free
  • Solvent-­free
  • pH-adjusted

Thorough hand­washing is the first step of a careful car maintenance. The HERRENFAHRT Washing Concentrate is gentle on the paint, has a moisturising effect and is perfectly suited for classic cars and other precious and delicate vehicles. Since it is solvent-­free, it does not affect the carnauba wax layer.

First, pre-wash the car to free the surface of chunky dirt. Use a pressure washer or a garden hose but always keep enough distance to the car's surface.

Add about 25ml of Washing Concentrate to 10l of water and also take an additonal bucket of 10l of pure water. Clean the car from top to bottom with the HERRENFAHRT Washing Cloth but never with a sponge! Dip the washing cloth into the Washing-Concentrate-solution and apply it to the car's surface. Repeatedly wash out the Washing Cloth thoroughly with clean water after every square meter. Make sure not to move in circular motions! After completion, make sure to rinse the car thoroughly and dry it off with a dry Washing Cloth.