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  • 159,00 kr

     Environment-friendly product extracted from orange peel.– Tar, Worms, Sticker, Paint remove.– Quck and easy operation.– Reduce intensive claying.– Removes bonded organic Contamination.– No damage to fresh paint Vinyl film or plastic trims.

    159,00 kr
  • 199,00 kr

    TR.ZR is a combination of both Tar and Iron remover, saving your time and costs! TR.ZR is an all-in-one extremely powerful degreaser that is designed to remove tar, iron, dirt and grime for any vehicle exterior surface. TR.ZR is a pH-Neutral based chemical that is formulated to dissolve the contaminants in order to protect the paint finish from their...

    199,00 kr
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Visar 1 - 2 av 2 artiklar